Men's-WorldThe Men’s World Exhibition is pretty self-explanatory. Take a step inside the exhibition, and you will immediately find yourself immersed in all things masculine. From an extensive selection of the latest technology to luxury cars and boats – so basically, everything currently sitting on the modern man’s Christmas list (and yes, we know it’s April.) One of the partners of the company behind the exhibition, Fairs and Exhibitions World, or FEW, Joelle Ghannam explains, “Men’s World Exhibition is a new concept in Lebanon. We have seen exhibitions solely for boats or cars, but today we are bringing together 150 exhibitors from various sectors under one umbrella.” So, whether you feel like experiencing new and innovative concepts that were completely unknown to you before, or just fancy behaving like a small child at a birthday party, the Men’s World Exhibition 2015 is for you.


If you have a love of the outdoors, be sure to make a pit-stop at the hiking and hunting areas, where you will be sure to find an array of products and services that will enhance your outside experience, from cars and ATVs to motorcycles and aviation products that will appeal to every adrenaline junkie. If you’re in the mood for something that involves a little less mud and a little more luxury, take a look at the wide range of spas and pools for some of that much-needed relaxation you’ve heard so much about.


Maybe fitness is more your thing. If that’s the case, there will be a huge variety of health products, sports and fitness equipment for you to play with. Keeping fit and healthy is becoming an everyday necessity for the man of today, so if you’re looking for some updates to your workout routine then you have come to the right place – a bit like a kid in a candy shop – just as much fun but without the calories.


What about the techies amongst you? We all love the latest gadgets and gizmos (whether we admit it or not) and the Men’s World Exhibition will be showcasing an array of wireless communications, high-tech electronics, cameras, home theatres and enough audio equipment for your car to make you feel like you’re starring in your very own music video.

Organised under the patronage of the Ministry of Tourism and is in partnership with SGBL bank, the exhibition is the creation of a relatively new face in the world of events management, FEW. Managing director, Lina Haj explains the thinking behind the company, emphasizing, “we started FEW because we had great ideas for events with an innovative twist, and we felt, with our media, advertising, sales and event management background and expertise in the field, we can make them happen.”

The idyllic La Marina Dbayeh is the perfect location for an unforgettable event that encompasses all things adventure, innovation and luxury. FEW Managing Partner, Brigitte Khoury explains the choice of venue by explaining, “from the onset, La Marina was our number one choice for this exhibition because we wanted an outdoor venue that has the charm of La Marina and the facilities to host an exhibition of this scale.”

From the minute you arrive at Men’s World Exhibition 2015, you will find yourselves living the life of the elite. A red carpet will welcome you and add a touch of glamour to your already sophisticated experience and of course, there are a few cocktails to be tried and tasted at the premium bar. By the way ladies, you are all more than welcome to attend because, after all, what is a man’s world ‘without a woman or a girl?’

Source: EKARUNA Luxury Real Estate Magazine

انخفاض بسيط في أسعار الشقق بلغ 0٫7% مكارم لـ “النهار”: مؤشّرات الانهيار مُستبعدة… والطلب مستمر


في ظل الأوضاع السياسية والاقتصادية السائدة في البلاد، ورغم التوقعات بأن القطاع العقاري في لبنان سيكون عرضة للانهيار، برهن الاخير عن صلابة ومتانة في وجه الضغوط التي واجهته فحافظ على استقراره وإن كان ثمة خفوضات في أسعار الشقق لم تتجاوز 0٫7% في بعض مناطق بيروت الادارية.

منذ 2007 تشهد السوق العقارية هدوءاً، مما حدا بالبعض الى توقع الانهيار كما حصل في دبي عام 2009. ولكن هذا الانهيار لم يحدث، وهذا أمر يجزمه الرئيس التنفيذي لشركة “رامكو” العقارية رجا مكارم، وذلك انطلاقا من اقتناعه بأن ثمة طلباً دائماً على العقار في لبنان يتزامن مع القدرة على التطوير. عدا عن أن الانهيار، في حال حصوله، تسبقه مؤشرات سلبية وهي ليست متوافرة حاليا في لبنان. فما هي هذه المؤشرات؟
يلفت مكارم الى أن الحرب الاهلية هي من أبرز هذه المؤشرات، ولكن الانهيار في هذه الحالة لن يقتصر على القطاع العقاري بل على كل القطاعات الاقتصادية، “ما دام الطلب قائماً على لبنان والقدرة الشرائية للبناني المقيم والمغترب جيدة، لن يحصل الانهيار”.
وأكثر، فإن مكارم يعتبر أن “الحركة البطيئة التي نشهدها حاليا، هي مؤشر ايجابي مقارنة بالظروف القائمة في لبنان ومحيطه”، مؤكداً أن أسعار الأراضي الى ارتفاع. وهذا مؤشر ايجابي آخر برأيه، ملاحظاً في الوقت عينه ان عمليات شراء الاراضي لا تزال قليلة لأن اسعارها تسبق اسعار الشقق إرتفاعا. فإما أن الذين يقدمون على الشراء لأسباب استثمارية، أكثر مما هي للتطوير، فيما المشاريع القابلة للتطوير جامدة حاليا لأن الاسعار لا تناسب مشاريع كهذه.
وفي دراسة حديثة قام بها فريق الإحصاءات في شركة” رامكو” وشملت 249 مشروعاً قيد الإنشاء في 67 حيّاً في بيروت، بدا جلياً أن الاوضاع السياسية والامنية غير المستقرة في لبنان والمنطقة أثرت على اسعار الشقق والعقارات في بيروت والمناطق، بدليل أن اسعار الشقق في الأبنية قيد الإنشاء في بيروت انخفضت 0٫7%، في 2014.
أما ابرز المناطق التي انخفضت اسعار الشقق فيها، فهي منطقة السيوفي 4٫5%، فردان 2٫7%. ويعزو مكارم السبب الى قلة الطلب على الشقق الكبيرة. فيما الملاحظ أن اسعار الشقق بالصيفي ارتفعت نحو 4٫7%، مشيراً الى أنه ثمة 3 ملايين متر مربع غير مباعة تم تطويرها في الاعوام الثلاثة الاخيرة.
ولاحظت “رامكو” أن الأسعار المطلوبة عام 2014 للشقق قيد الإنشاء في 249 مشروعاً شملتهم الدراسة، تطورت سلبياً، إلاّ أنها لم تبلغ 1% انخفاضاً بل 0٫7% تحديداً. أما الخفوضات التي زادت عن 10% فكانت نادرة جداً، ولم تتجاوز المشاريع الستة من أصل 249 مشروعاً.
وفي التفاصيل “أن ثمة 250 مشروعاً ارتفعت اسعارها قليلا فيما بقيت أسعار 121 على حالها، وخفضت أسعار 69 مشروعاً. أما المشاريع التي بقيت اسعارها على حالها فتقدر تقريبا نسبتها بنحو 48٫5%، فيما نسبة تلك التي انخفضت اسعارها فتبلغ نحو 27٫5% (بلغت الخفوضات في 70% منها ما بين 1 و 10%)، علماً أن 24% من هذه المشاريع ارتفعت اسعارها، وأنّها تتوزع على نحو 69 منطقة في بيروت. مع الاشارة الى “أن أسعار الأراضي وكلفة البناء كانت مستقرة في 2014″.
ولكن هذا الخفض، “بالكاد يعتبر خفضاً”، وفق ما يقول مكارم. “إذ أن هذا التناقص الضئيل يعكس تأقلم الأسعار مع سوق عقارية بدأت تتباطأ خلال العامين الماضيين”، مؤكداً أنه “لا يوجد أي ذعر في السوق العقارية، وعلى العكس فإن المطورين لا يزالون صامدين على أسعارهم، فيما الخفوضات والارتفاعات بأسعار الشقق هامشية، لافتاً الى أن الاتجاه الإجمالي هو نحو خفض طفيف في الأسعار”.
يحاول بعض المطورين تحفيز المشترين عبر الخفوضات في الأسعار تراوح بين 15 و 20%، وهذا مؤشر جيد برأي مكارم، “كونه يحفّز المشتري لاغتنام الفرصة قبل عودة الاستقرار وارتفاع الأسعار”.
ماذا عن الطلب خارج بيروت؟ لاحظ مكارم أن الطلب خارج بيروت محصور في المناطق التي تتمتع بالأمن أكثر من غيرها، متوقعا كما غالبية المطورين الاقبال على بعض المناطق وخصوصاً ذات الغالبية المسيحية من النازحين الاثرياء من الدول العربية، وخصوصا المسيحيين منهم.
واعتبر مكارم أن المعلومات التي وردت في التقرير “هي فعلاً سابقة أولى في القطاع العقاري اللبناني لم تقم بها أية مؤسسة خاصة أو عامة، ويمكن أن تساعد شركة “رامكو” على متابعة هذه المشاريع سنوياً، وإصدار مؤشر عقاري لأسعار الشقق في بيروت الإدارية.

تطور الأسعار في 2014¶
ارتفاع مستقرة انخفاض المجموع
عدد المشاريع 60 121 68 249
النسبة المئوية 27٫3 48٫6 24٫1 %100
¶ في بيروت الادارية
المصدر: رامكو ش. م. م. – نيسان 2015

4 Ways To Strengthen Your Willpower


Our willpower is tried and tested every day in so many different situations, ranging from work to home life, as well as in our relationships. Stopping yourself from buying those expensive shoes or running late in traffic are just two examples. One of the biggest willpower killers can be starting a new exercise routine or healthy diet. If you are used to eating what you want when you want, and only exercising if you really feel like it your willpower can be put to the ultimate test. Willpower is like a muscle, over time it can be overused and weakened but in saying that it can also be strengthened if you do the right things. These are my tips on how to keep your willpower ready to roll:

Set Yourself Up For Success
If you have strong self-control you will spend less time resisting desires compared to other people. Did you know some people can spend between 3-4 hours of their day resisting desires such as eating, wanting to take a break or sleep? So why do people with more self-control find themselves using it less? It is because they are pro-active. These are the type of people who organise their lives to avoid problem situations. For example taking your car to the mechanic before it breaks down, giving yourself enough time to finish tasks, staying away from take away restaurants and putting your gym bag in the car ready to go. It helps to take control of a situation before it even arises, so when the time comes and you feel like your willpower is about to get tested, it won’t be so bad. My biggest tip to people who always have trouble exercising is being prepared. Always carry gym shoes & clothes in your car so that no matter where you go you have the option there. It will leave a lot less room for excuses!

Don’t Procrastinate
We are all guilty of this one sometimes, telling ourselves we will watch one more episode of Friends and then go for that walk. While it is so easy to procrastinate on so many things in life, it is bad for our willpower because when the time comes to do something important we will be more stressed. For example if you have an evening off and enough time to workout you may decide to spend that little bit longer watching TV and catch up on your workout the next night. The next night comes and you suddenly get called into work or your friend is having a crisis, you can no longer workout. By the end of the week you are stressed and your willpower has probably been used in a whole variety of situations, and you decide working out is just not a priority that week. By biting the bullet and getting things done as soon as possible, you are saving yourself future stress and willpower testiness.

Keep Track
If you are trying to stick to a workout schedule the best thing you can do is write down your goals and keep track of your progress. A great idea is to print out a calendar and for each day you workout mark it with a X, this way you will physically be able to see your progress and it will be an incentive not to give up. We all need a little encouragement from time to time and seeing how far we have come can be a nice surprise when we are feeling a little dejected. This is also why I always encourage you girls to take transformation pictures every 4 weeks. Most people feel like they see no change until they look back on previous pictures and see how far they have actually come. Writing things down is a simple way to boost willpower because it is a mental positive reminder, or even negative which can be encouraging to pick things back up again.

Reward Yourself
When you first start something new like an exercise or healthy eating routine, you may feel like you are using your willpower more because it is new to you. You have to be ready to accept change and slowly you will get to the point where you don’t feel like you HAVE to do anything, exercising will become a part of your daily routine. In the meantime to keep your willpower strong it can be useful to reward yourself. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, sometimes the most simple things work. For example you can tell yourself if you work out all 5 days like you were planning to, you can go buy a new gym crop. Do whatever works for you! Winter is approaching in Australia, I love taking long baths with relaxing bath bombs but I hardly ever do it because jumping in the shower is more convenient. A simple reward would be taking a nice, hot bath at the end of a workout if it is a miserable day outside. Take the time to pamper yourself a bit more or just do something out of the ordinary that will give you an incentive to keep going. Eventually you won’t need to reward yourself as everything becomes a habit. Try not to rely on food as a reward because that can set bad behaviours between eating foods and exercising, you don’t want to overindulge too much. 

I hope these tips have helped girls, remember having a positive outlook on life ALWAYS helps and taking each day as it comes. Don’t beat yourself up if you miss a workout here or there, recognise you are doing really well and keep going!

Source:Kayla xx


Dress up your room with these creative pillows that are easy on the eyes and effortless to make


Outfit your furniture with these color-block pillows for a look that’s right on trend. First, sketch a simple design on a square piece of kraft paper, then use those shapes as a template to trace and cut fabric to size. Stitch the shapes together and press the seams open. Cut the back of the pillow covering from solid-color fabric. Stitch the front and back pieces, right sides together, leaving a small opening. Turn right side out, press, and stuff with a pillow form. Whipstitch the opening closed.

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A new rental law that incurs gradual increases in the value of residential lease contracts signed before 1992 will go into effect on December 28.

According to the new law endorsed by parliament last April, tenants under pre-1992 rental contracts will face rent increases in yearly increments over a six-year period, until annual rent costs reach 5 percent of the current market value of their residences.

Tenants whose income does not exceed three times the minimum wage will benefit from state financial aid to cover the increase in rent fees. The total difference in rent prices will be paid to landlords using a special fund to be established by the government for this purpose.

For tenants whose income is between two and three times the minimum wage, the fund will cover the difference between the new rent price and 30 percent of their income while those whose income is less than two times the minimum wage will see the fund pay the total cost difference on their behalf.

During year one, the tenant will pay, on top of the current rent, 15 percent of the difference between the old rent cost and 5 percent of the current market value of the residence.

During each of the subsequent three years, an additional 15 percent will be paid while on the fifth and sixth year, an extra 20 percent will have to be paid by tenants before the rent cost reaches its fair value in year seven and is paid accordingly until the end of the ninth year.

After the ninth year, lower income households will be able to extend their stay until the 12th year while other tenants will have to negotiate a new agreement with landlords or evacuate the residence.

According to the current rent law, landlords can ask tenants to evacuate their residence for two reasons: demolition or the accommodation of a landlord’s family member.

If tenants are asked to leave the premises during the first year of rent adjustments for demolition purposes, the landlord will have to pay a compensation equivalent to six times the new annual rent.

Landlords who request tenants to evacuate for family lodgement purposes will have to pay compensation amounting to four times the new annual rent. Compensation gradually declines to reach nil after nine years.

In the event of a disagreement over the compensation amount or the estimation of the current market value of rented residences, tenants and landlords will have to resort to Lebanese courts to settle the dispute.

The law approved by lawmakers had stipulated the designation of a special committee to estimate the current market value of rented residences, determine compensations for low-income families and resolve disputes that arise between tenants and landlords.

However, last August, the Constitutional Council deemed two articles of the law pertaining to the designation of the committee unconstitutional, ruling that it was the jurisdiction of Lebanese courts to resolve any legal disputes that arise between tenants and landlords.

The law still stands independently of the two revoked articles, according to lawmakers.

While there are no official statistics on the number of families who benefit from rental contracts signed before 1992, the association representing tenants argues that the number is close to 200,000 families.

On the other hand, representatives of the Landlords Association argue that only 13,000 families should benefit from the special fund to be established by the state.

According to landlords, the majority of tenants pay minimal rental fees that often amount to less than LL1,000,000 annually.
The recently enacted law stipulates that tenants wishing to buy a new apartment have priority in obtaining subsidized loans from the Banque de l’Habitat or the Public Corporation for Housing.

Source: EKARUNA Luxury Real Estate Magazine