Men's-WorldThe Men’s World Exhibition is pretty self-explanatory. Take a step inside the exhibition, and you will immediately find yourself immersed in all things masculine. From an extensive selection of the latest technology to luxury cars and boats – so basically, everything currently sitting on the modern man’s Christmas list (and yes, we know it’s April.) One of the partners of the company behind the exhibition, Fairs and Exhibitions World, or FEW, Joelle Ghannam explains, “Men’s World Exhibition is a new concept in Lebanon. We have seen exhibitions solely for boats or cars, but today we are bringing together 150 exhibitors from various sectors under one umbrella.” So, whether you feel like experiencing new and innovative concepts that were completely unknown to you before, or just fancy behaving like a small child at a birthday party, the Men’s World Exhibition 2015 is for you.


If you have a love of the outdoors, be sure to make a pit-stop at the hiking and hunting areas, where you will be sure to find an array of products and services that will enhance your outside experience, from cars and ATVs to motorcycles and aviation products that will appeal to every adrenaline junkie. If you’re in the mood for something that involves a little less mud and a little more luxury, take a look at the wide range of spas and pools for some of that much-needed relaxation you’ve heard so much about.


Maybe fitness is more your thing. If that’s the case, there will be a huge variety of health products, sports and fitness equipment for you to play with. Keeping fit and healthy is becoming an everyday necessity for the man of today, so if you’re looking for some updates to your workout routine then you have come to the right place – a bit like a kid in a candy shop – just as much fun but without the calories.


What about the techies amongst you? We all love the latest gadgets and gizmos (whether we admit it or not) and the Men’s World Exhibition will be showcasing an array of wireless communications, high-tech electronics, cameras, home theatres and enough audio equipment for your car to make you feel like you’re starring in your very own music video.

Organised under the patronage of the Ministry of Tourism and is in partnership with SGBL bank, the exhibition is the creation of a relatively new face in the world of events management, FEW. Managing director, Lina Haj explains the thinking behind the company, emphasizing, “we started FEW because we had great ideas for events with an innovative twist, and we felt, with our media, advertising, sales and event management background and expertise in the field, we can make them happen.”

The idyllic La Marina Dbayeh is the perfect location for an unforgettable event that encompasses all things adventure, innovation and luxury. FEW Managing Partner, Brigitte Khoury explains the choice of venue by explaining, “from the onset, La Marina was our number one choice for this exhibition because we wanted an outdoor venue that has the charm of La Marina and the facilities to host an exhibition of this scale.”

From the minute you arrive at Men’s World Exhibition 2015, you will find yourselves living the life of the elite. A red carpet will welcome you and add a touch of glamour to your already sophisticated experience and of course, there are a few cocktails to be tried and tasted at the premium bar. By the way ladies, you are all more than welcome to attend because, after all, what is a man’s world ‘without a woman or a girl?’

Source: EKARUNA Luxury Real Estate Magazine

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