By now you’ve already read the 15 Tips To Sell Your House Faster and For More Money and you already know your home needs to be clean, uncluttered, and in good condition; but you can further distinguish your home from the competition by staging it.

What is Home Staging?

Home staging is the process of preparing a home for sale, with the goal of getting the most money in the shortest amount of time possible. Home staging is proven to work; it works for occupied and vacant properties, for small and palatial homes, at all price points, in all markets; and in a soft market with lots of competition, you really need to do all you can to distinguish your property from them.


Most buyers decide in the first 30 seconds whether a house is right for them. That is the time a seller has to capture their interest. Staging your home will help maximize the impact of those seconds to ensure a quick sale! It’s crucial to stage your house before you list, so you can impress buyers the first time they visit. Otherwise, there may not be a second time.



Clutter eats equity, it’s that simple; the longer you live in a home, the more cluttered it becomes. So remember, you’re about to move anyway, so pack up and store the unnecessary items out of the sight of your buyers. A good, thorough cleaning is also a must to make your home sparkle! Hire a cleaning service if that works best for you and it’s within your budget. You want that bathroom and kitchen to shine like no ones ever been in them!



It can be difficult for buyers to envision themselves living in your home if they can’t picture their own belongings fitting in to the surroundings. Sometimes that impossible to do because you have so many personal items stuffed into the room, the buyer can’t mentally remove them from the picture. The wall that is covered with family pictures from the last twenty years only looks good to you! Remove many of your personal items, including family photos, collections and anything else that might reflect too much of your own taste and keep the buyer from mentally “moving in” to your home.



Vacant houses present special problems for the seller and agent, because the rooms are empty and cold looking, it is often difficult for buyers to envision how they would look with furniture. Sometimes it is impossible to figure out the purpose of a particular space. In vacant properties, buyers tend to focus on every imperfection. I’ve been asked many times: “what in the world would you put in that odd little space?” Staging helps eliminate such curiosities. Funny as it might seem, empty rooms actually feel smaller than furnished rooms, leaving buyers to wonder whether their things will even fit. Furniture gives the room scale and proportion. Staging vacant houses solves these problems for the buyer, and can also make a bleak, barren room feel warm, comfortable, and a bit like home.


Regardless of whether you hire a pro or choose to do it alone, one thing is certain; you must be prepared for that. When the curtains open, it’s Showtime.