4 of our Decorating Secrets.

To some people decorating is not a strong point and they dread it.

You want to start decorating the living room in your new home and don’t know where to start?

Here are some useful decorating tips from us to you since decorating shouldn’t be a hassle especially if you have some guidelines.

1: If your living room is in need of extra brightness, lighten it up with White furniture.

With white furniture and some decorative accents in a variety of light hues you can achieve a luxurious and neutral look.White-living-room

2:  if your living room is small you can create some open spaces.

To achieve open spaces try to pull the furniture away from the walls and into the center of the room.  modern-sectional-sofa-for-small-living-room-idea-700x462

3: For small living rooms, try to choose the right type of furniture. Over-sized pieces in a compact area are a big no. Opt for modular furniture instead! Small tables or nesting tables can have a great effect. Place them side by side when you need them and then you can be stash them under each other to create more room.


4: When it comes to painting the living room, try to paint the space by using  light colors and patterns which will work to your advantage. light colors make a room seem larger!



Hope these tips help!

Stay tuned for more later on.