As a fully integrated real estate platform we offer a comprehensive array of services and solutions. Our expertise in all aspects of the real estate lifecycle from land acquisitions for investment, to marketing projects, consulting developers, institutions and individuals, and advising first-time homebuyers gives us an exceptional ability to tailor our offering to the most complex demands for Investors, Developers & Property Buyers.


Our property counselling services include carrying out due diligence services in order to raise equity and provide our investors with access to attractive carefully selected local investment opportunities. We carefully structure, actively manage, advise and market our investment products.


We Locate and appraise undeveloped areas for building sites based on evaluations of area market conditions. We also conduct a comprehensive consultancy studies such as, potential land usage valuations, risks, opportunities, marketing & sales recommendations. Aiding developers with the planning process to increase their project exposure and sales revenues. We also review new construction plans, enumerate and recommend available options and features, evaluate mortgage options and develop a network of attorneys, mortgage lenders, and contractors to whom developers may be referred.


A Real Estate agent appointed to sell the property has a moral obligation to act ethically towards the buyer, but also, he is obliged to obtain the best price, terms and conditions for the seller. Only a property consultant acting for the buyer will act in your interests.

Buying a home is an emotional thing, in this do-it-yourself era of online real estate listings, it is easy to find out what is on the market. So why should a buyer bother to hire a property buying agent? In a nutshell: to protect your interests in an expensive, often complex purchase that can become even more complicated by financing and legal aspects.

Everyone has a different idea of their perfect property. To find the right property it is important that we, as your property buying agent, fully understand your needs and aspirations.

At Katch Properties we take a detailed brief from you before beginning our search, so we have a clear picture of your requirements and priorities. This why unlike other brokers or real estate agency we do not try and "sell you" or "promote" any particular property. we do not list or sell property and consequently we deal with any Private Seller and/or Real Estate Agency without limitation or conflict of interest.

We offer an extensive range of property consulting and research services that can be tailored to your specific needs. Whether you are seeking a home to live in or a commercial property, our role can vary from the initial research or legal assistance, right through to a comprehensive service of finding, researching and negotiating the property acquisition. From search to settlement, we coordinate the entire buying process for you including finding the best and most competitive finance package.