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Katch Properties is a two-stream representation agency
We act as the "Sales Team" of carefully selected, trusted developers and property owners by taking full charge of marketing, promoting, and selling their projects or properties.

We act as "Buyer Representative" of individuals searching for a property by helping them define their needs, sifting through the dozens of available options, negotiating with the owners, and accompanying them through the legal process until they take possession of their new home.


We identify and understand our clients? needs, ensure their requirements are fulfilled to the best of their interest through a unique personalized property service.


To fulfill our mission and earn our clients trust.

Developer Sales Team

As the dedicated Sales Force of a developer, Katch Properties fulfills all the marketing and sales requirements, from collecting market intelligence, defining the competitive landscape, laying out a pricing and marketing strategy, coordinating and implementing marketing plans, and carrying out sales services. We thus put our expertise at the disposal of developers and property owners so they can focus on their area of expertise. More Details

Property Buyer

As your Representative, Katch Properties helps you define your property selection criteria by understanding your lifestyle, preferences, and identifying your needs and wants. We then sift through the thousands of available properties and carry out due diligence to establish a selection that fits your requirements. Once you narrow down the selection, we initiate the negotiation process with the property owner to reach a deal that serves your best interests and we follow through on the legal paperwork until you are ready to sign the purchasing contract.

The Team
A Word from the Founder

Dear Sir or Madam:

Katch Properties is the fruit of more than 10 years of experience in the real estate market of Lebanon and hundreds of successful deals- marketing development projects, brokering properties and lands to real estate companies in Lebanon and individuals, and advising on property search to first-time home buyers.

We come to fill a gap in the local market where very few real estate companies in Lebanon (agencies) - if any - work solely on the behalf of customers either developers, property owner or homebuyers, to help them through the process.

At Katch Properties, this is what we have chosen to do: To Represent You.

If you are a developer or a property owner, with no time or no desire to allocate resources to marketing and sales, we act as your own Sales Department, planning, developing, and implementing marketing and sales strategies leaving you, to focus on your field of expertise, while we put our expertise at your disposal.

If you are buying a home, whether for personal use or as an investment placement, we represent your best interest by defining your needs, narrowing your search, and presenting you with products that match your exact requirements. We then negotiate with the seller on your behalf until you are satisfied and willing to sign a purchasing agreement.

For that reason, unlike other real estate companies in Lebanon, we decided not to carry a long listing of random properties, which are available on hundreds of other websites. We select a few, special properties that we showcase. The rest is sourced individually to address specific customer requests.

With this approach, we hope to offer a highly personalized service, carefully tailored to the needs of every one of our customers ? with your best interest always at the heart of our work!

Yours truly,
Abed el Karim Saade

Ibrahim Rachid
Managing Partner
Abed Karim El Saade
Gernal Manager
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